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Golden Paints You Tube Channel

An employee owned company located in central New York, GOLDEN is committed to producing materials that encourage exploration of form and concept, while assuring archival integrity. Excellent videos demonstrating different applications and methods for using various paints and mediums. Please check regularly for new videos and updates.

Sakura of America You Tube Channel

Sakura of America is dedicated to the continued development and efficient delivery of technologically superior, innovative and safe products. Our products, promotions and advertising reflect our support of individual expression and artistic freedom. With our “Power to Express®” theme we believe that EVERYONE has the right to self-expression, so Sakura continues to develop writing and artistic tools that are affordable to consumers of all ages.

Sanford Prismacolor You Tube Channel

Colored PencilsFrom simple sketches to complex creations, these premium colored pencils and leads have you covered no matter what your latest creation may be. From our Premier® line to our new Scholar™ Colored Pencils for the developing artist, the only problem with this much variety is it’s hard picking favorites.

Prismacolor Blog: http://blog.prismacolor.com/

Canson You Tube Channel

For over 450 years, Canson® has been inspiring artists worldwide, as asserted by the brand’s baseline “Inspirational Papers since 1557”. The greatest museums are its most prestigious showcase.
Canson®, the world leader in fine art paper, makes papers for drawing, pastel, watercolour, oil painting, acrylic, graphic arts, printmaking, digital art & photography, etc. While its reputation was built through prestigious signatures like Degas, Ingres, Picasso as well and Matisse and Warhol, Canson® has always had a strong attachment to all those – whether young or old – who wish to learn to draw. 

Cobra Paint You Tube Channel

Painting with Cobra water mixable oil colours is the same as painting with traditional oil paint, and provides a perfect oil paint result with a uniform drying time and degree of gloss. The paint can be applied using all the usual oil paint techniques. The colour as well as the brush stroke or applied texture retains its full expression after the paint has dried: the paint remains as it was when applied.