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Japanese Papers

KINWASHI embedded with pure manila hemp fibers in either a natural or white coloured base paper. Neutral pH, 2 deckles and translucent.

MASA strength lend it well to the wetting process. It is soft and white, neutral pH and has both internal and surface sizing. Can be used for a wide range of art techniques; sumi painting, watercolour and printmaking.

KITAKATA has a delicate and subtle laid pattern with a finish that is some-what translucent and shiny texture. Neutral pH, silky smooth, 100% Gampi, 4 deckles, suitable for printmaking and bookbinding.

MULBERRY is made from kozo, one of the strongest natural plant fibers used in papermaking. Because of its strength the most common use for hand printing press without concern for cracking or tearing. With a subtle laid, chain line pattern, the handmade sheet is especially soft with very little surface sizing. Neutral pH, 4 deckles.

UNRYU made with long fibers of kozo is crisp and is a good choice for relief printing. Acid free, neutral pH and semi-translucent.

OKAWARA STUDENT is handmade in Japan from a mix of kozo/sulphite, neutral pH, 4 natural deckles.