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Our company was started by the late Mr. Heinz Jordan and his wife Emmy in 1936. For the next twenty years, Mr. Jordan sold artist brushes to the commerical artists in Toronto. The company was incorporated in 1953 while it was located at 73 Adelaide Street West. In 1957, Heinz Jordan & Company Limited moved to Sterling Road and became a wholesale only operation with dealers across Canada. Following the death of Heinz Jordan, Peter Pfenning joined the company in late 1964. In an agreement with the late Mrs. Jordan, Peter Pfenning purchased the company. 

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Draw.tec Products

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Sanford Products

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Birgit Cooper was elected President and COO in 1996, Peter remains as chairman of the board and CEO of Heinz Jordan & Company Limited.

Heinz Jordan & Company acquired control of Tenline   Sales Limited in Vancouver in 1972. In December of that same year, Heinz Jordan and Company Limited sold the shares of Tenline Sales Limited to 
Karen Wood, eldest daughter of Peter Pfenning. Tenline Sales Limited now operates as a separate company, distributing product imported through Heinz Jordan & Company Limited throughout British Columbia.

At Heinz Jordan we strive to provide our customers with quality artists' materials at the best price possible with friendly, professional and efficient service.

Canson Products

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Heinz Jordan Brushes

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